Saturday, 5 November 2011

A little something for the ones doing Unit 2 (:- The Metropolis (2001)

Beause I seemed to like The Metropolis when we watched it as a part of the course, I decided to download the Japanese anime version to watch on the way home today.
Hence I decided to post this on here as I think that the sets and after effects made in this film were UNREAL! It gave me ideas for my photoshop paintings even though Im not on the course anymore D:!
Even though the characters weren't made that well, if anyone likes good after effects and awesome imagery then its a must see, especially for the unit 2 (:. The movie actually uses normal animation, painted backgrounds, along with CGI moving backgrounds and also aspects of ordinary film that been edited into the animation. Its really a must see (:
Here's some tasters!
The story is also much different than to the original, even though the makers still kept the basics the same when the story goes on and finishes in a huge finale followed by an explosion of the city. However the main story is much different. Detective come into metropolis with his nephew to investigate a case, ended up getting involved with something much more, when the leader of metropolis tried to create a super- robot/ human machine to rule the world. Not gonna give too much of the story away here, you just gotta watch it ;D

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