Friday, 4 November 2011

To those who didn't know...

As a lot of you propably already know, I'm withdrawing from the university.... Sorry Jake, I've read your last comment, hence I thought it will better to just post this as a new post so anyone can read it.
Ill be moving onto a foundation course and reaplying for university for next year in September, I will still keep my blog, it will be good to see how everyone's work progresses throughout the year, I might still even update it with my foundaion work.
Thank you to everyone that been a lot of help throughout my time here, I've enjoyed the course a lot and its sad leaving but you gotta do what you gotta do ):.
Also Thank You to Phil for being the best tutor yet!!!
Good luck to everyone and hopefully might still see some of you sometime (:!



  1. Best of luck, Alicja. It takes a bit of self-knowledge and some courage to do something about it when you know, deep down, that you're not in the right place, right frame of mind etc. Some people stay long after they should, and it just means more grief for all concerned. Go and do some serious thinking about what it is that you REALLY want to do, because my guts tell me that computers are just not the tool for you... Get stuck into some great Foundation projects and 'be amazing'. :)

  2. Thank you Phil! Ill see what happens, foundation should be fun, cant wait to get back and actually properly start on the course. Shame I didnt get to see you before leaving but didnt really feel like staying at uni for too long after i signed the forms ):. Be interesting to get back on this in a years time and find out if your gut was being right xD! x

  3.'ll love foundation, its a great chance to have a go at everything and find out what you really like doing. Wishing you lots of love and light in everything you do xxx