Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Eurypharynx pelecanoides

 As propably all of you already know, for our project we're getting spliced
with another 'creature'. The whole brief of metamorphosis and being fused
with an animal gives me an idea of giving your creature a personification which
then will make it easyer to decide on the aesthetic looks of 
the final outcome.

Sooooo, during my adventures I managed to somehow get spliced with
a pelican eel (didn't even know such thing excisted....). 
The eel actually has pretty unique physical aesthetics, which is going to make
this project pretty exciting. There's a lot of imagery online, which shows that
people have already played around with the shapes and created quite awesome
digital images.

I don't really want to fill this page with lots of gibberish that obviously been copied
from Wikipedia, explaining the behaviours, origin of my animal etc... But I guess I can't really NOT do that, and just jump into the project not knowing anything (in the past that has worked but I guess not now... ) So yeah, there's some nice boring stuff that 90% of you aren't going to read (I usually just look at pretty pictures):

  • The Pelican Eel or Eurypharynx pelecanoides (which one of you preffer) is a deep sea fish- means it lives well under water in tropical and sub- tropical seas. Reminds me of the viper fish, which attractes its prey into the deep ends of the sea with its photophores. Hence if I had to personify my creature I would give it the character of someone sly and that hides in the shadows. 
  • The Pelican eel's most notible feature its the mouth, hence the name. Because it resembles a pelican. The jaws take up about 25% of the animal's total lenght (They should have used the pelican eel instead of a shark for the film "jaws" that would of been way funnier.)
  • Just like the viper fish and most deap- sea creatures the pelican eel gives out light to lure its prey into its trap. In this case it has long pink flashing tentacles that occasionally fash bright red.
  • The Pelican Eel can grow to be about 1m long and lives from 900m-8km under water.

So there you go that was all the "interesting" facts for you, meet the Pelican Eeel! In next post I shall post some drawings, after I get around to doing them....



  1. Hurrah, Alicja! You've got your animal locked down - and it's got the potential to do some serious mutations to your own anatomy!

    *crap loada bollocks*

    Hmmm - I know I swear a bit, but bear in mind that your blog is like your business card, so first impressions count and all that. Don't let people assume you're a muppet (though in your profile pic, you appear to be dressed as a soft toy...) :D

  2. Thank you!
    haha I was debating for a while whether to write that or not, but at the end got a little bit carried away =p.
    Edited the post a little bit now hope its better haha.
    ps: Thats a tiger hat! Never thought tigers were softes....

  3. Hi Alicja,

    i'm Ruben a 3 year student you may or may not remember me from the boring presentation last Friday. welcome to blogging!
    As i am reading the post you just let yourself down too much. from the about me section to this initial post. you gotta keep positivity, otherwise anyone who checks this will never read through anything. just keep it positive, you never know how many people will actually read the stuff. I did...

    if you feel that writing is not your strength use more imagery or even initial sketches of your idea to support the writing.

  4. Hiyaaa, unfortunately I wasn't here on Friday to enjoy the boring presentation lol.
    I write this way only because I find it more enjoyable than just typing the usual, dull info. Ill keep the work going, but when it comes to the writing, which doesnt involve discussing my own work, then as long as it explains the idea of what the research is about then doesn't really matter that much about the way the info is actually written in (obviously excluding the reviews and stuff).
    Cheers for the advice though Ill keep it in mind. I'm actually quite a positive person don't get me wrong =p