Monday, 19 September 2011

Previous Work

 Final Major Project Work

       The Project was about war and ancient conflict. The photographs show a person doing fire spinning, as it's a form of martial arts and is viewed as a form of spiritual event (ex: Beltane the fire festival in Edinburgh, which was created by a small group of enthusiasts. The event was intended as a celebration and also a protest against the Thatcher goverment's restrictions on rights to gather)
       I decided to use fire shows to represent the similarities between ancient and modern conflicts and that even though they're seperated by centuries, the cause of all conflicts is pretty much the same (intolerance and the will to have power over other people). 
      The reason for using the fire was because in the far history it's always been associated with war and misery, even though it's also used for good. Native Americans covered themselves in charcoal face paint and performed  fire dances as a form of celebration and preparation for battle.
      The photograph of the log was taken at the same place as the pictures of Emily doing fire poi. I thought it was another good represantation of conflit because the piece of wood was split into 6 parts, then set on fire from the inside. When the photograph was taken from above it looked very surreal. 
I used it as a metaphor for Nations, Religion, Social background (just people in general) being split apart and categorized into groups during the time of war. Also because this photograph also involves fire it linked with the rest very well.

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