Thursday, 29 September 2011

Some of the experiment Drawings

For this project I decided to create a character that gains special skills from being spliced with a Pelican Eel.
Just like in the remake of the fly, when Seth becomes able to walk on the walls, and upside down on the ceiling, my character will be able to breathe and move underwater (hence the gills and webbed hands and feet). From my mood board I've been creating drawings which concentrate on the main features of the eel, which is mostly the tail and the head, because that's mostly what my creature consists of (drawing 2 shows an attempt of drawing a webbed hand, need to look more into the anatomy of a hand to really recreate the desired effect)
Most of the experiments so far been to do with the shape of the head, drawing 3 was one of the first attempts I did to create my own drawing of the eel from the profile view. As I noticed the eel has a very large bottom jaw, and its eyes are very small and close to the bottom of the head.
Just like on that picture above, the position of the eyes gives an impression that this is not a very intelligent creature. Seems like it doesn't have many other instincts other than devour anything that comes its way.
Because of this I decided to take the human intelligence and mix it with the eel's strange abilities (this is why in drawing 5 I decided to give my character glasses to hide the very low positioned eyes.).

I'm still in the process of creating the moodboard I shall post it soon (:

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