Thursday, 29 September 2011

More Drawings (:

Here are some further experiment drawings, I decided to create a character with human intelligence (hence I decided to keep the glasses from the previous experiment drawings) and gulp eel abilities. I did these drawings to explore how the character will move, and stand like. I especially like the last drawing, as it shows a nice movement and a profile view of the creature. Because the pelican eel has light producing organs along the whole body. 
I found out from the further research that the eel has very small teeth which suggests that their diet does not consists of large fish. 
Sort of reminds me of an idea of a whale, which is the largest mammal with a huge jaw and stomach, but only feeds on plankton.


  1. Hey Alicja,

    Okay - some thoughts for you. You know, while there is little doubting the energy of these drawings, you're 'off-message' in terms of the real learning outcomes of the brief and it's important that you return to the brief before you go any further. The 'point' of this unit is for you to improve, enrich and demonstrate your understanding of the realities of human and animal anatomy - i.e. you need to understand your anatomy from the inside-out, and you need to show me that you've worked hard to gain this understanding. These drawings are hyper-stylised and certainly fail to reflect your knowledge of anatomy. I wonder if you've had a chance yet to look at the various 'How to draw the human figure' pdfs on myUCA under Unit Materials/Anatomy Resources? These would certainly help you. I want to see you dealing with anatomy - not simply drawing characters or creatures 'out of your head' - I suggest you start by looking properly at the human skeleton etc. and looking too at the skeleton of your animal, and fusing the internal structure, and from that building up the muscle mass etc. I want you to demonstrate to me that you've actually read the brief (aims and learning outcomes) and are seeking to fulfill it effectively.

    I prefer your previous thumbnail sketches - they are more exploratory - but it's time you drilled into the actual challenge of this unit - and that challenge is about understanding anatomy and improving your drawing of it...

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  3. Ok cheers for the advice, but all those negative comments are just starting to demotivate me, these are only initial sketches, not a final design or anything... I was trying out different positions.
    I swear I havent even got ONE positive comment.... I have read the brief, Im doing one thing at the time, will post anatomy drawings soon.

  4. Hey Alicja! :D
    I am Andriana -or Andi-a second year and I am pleased to announce you that I will be your mentor for the rest of the year- like a parent on the course really-that will guide you through your creative work, your blogging, your writing, and your technical stuff. All in all I will make sure you follow the right path for each project and I am sure together, with my experience from first year, we will make sure you do really well. Oh and please don't treat me like a grown up. Just because I am a second year doesn't mean I am an expert. I am still learning, and that's what the course is about-keep learning. So yeah lets be casual XD
    So I have been through your blog and you seem excited about the course. What you need to know about this year is that it is a slow process, with a lot of projects coming one after an another. But at the end of the year you will be able to produce your firs full CG Animation. Your Units have a logical pace. So what your first unit is based on is Anatomy. It is really important understanding the way the human-and not only human-body works. And by that I mean the bones, the the muscles, the postures and proportions. So you were given a very interesting animal to work with- a fish. I had a fish last year too. Now what is interesting about this is that human as a mammal, has a totally different structure to that of a fish. So you get to combine these opposite beings into one. You have to think about your portrait inside out. Start experimenting with the internal of the body and by giving it a logical look -or more likely, try and imagine, if that spliced creature did exist, what would it look like? Where would it live? How would it move? If you start raising questions like this you will soon enough shape your splice's body and will look like it could actually exist. Phew, that's it from me-for now. I am looking forward to see your next posts. I will have a look at your reviews whenever I get a chance and will help you out with them too.
    Have fun :)

  5. Hey Alicja,

    *all those negative comments*

    Um - what negative comments?

    "while there is little doubting the energy of these drawings, you're 'off-message' in terms of the real learning outcomes of the brief and it's important that you return to the brief before you go any further..."

    You know, one of the classic first year mistakes is not to look at the actual learning outcomes of the brief - they're published as a guide, and to protect students from going off on the wrong direction. I think I just suggested - plainly - that you should ensure you're looking at the brief and working towards satisfying it. Please don't take feedback personally, Alicja - the point of you coming here is to be challenged and pushed. I'd get used to it if I were you or you're going to feel cross every time someone offers up a critique!