Saturday, 1 October 2011

This was my first time using a graphics tablet and I was pretty happy with the outcome. Was a bit tricky to get used to using it at first but after getting a bit more practice with it, its pretty handy to use. 
Im planning to still do some more work to it and add some colours etc... and try to experiment with different colous schemes for the gulper eel as on some photographs that I've included in my research the fish isnt black but has a weird pinky/ skin like colour, which gives it a completely different look and even texture of the skin.


  1. That looks really good Alicja. :D Looks like you are getting into grips with lighting already. Lighting can really make your piece pop out. All you need is an imaginary light source and of course the contrast between light and darkness. Here is an image for good reference in lighting. I used it myself for during summer for some lighting experiments.

  2. Thats awesome! Were they done on Photoshop??? xx

  3. Yep photoshop. They look so 3D right? :P

  4. Nice work, I really like the lighting and contrast. Perhaps do another file with less harsh contrast for experimentation?

  5. great atmosphere on the last drawing, a few things to know when applying lighting onto a picture, where it comes from? how strong is that light? and what material it is reflecting on? e.g: a plastic object wont have the same specularity values than a matte object. a book that explores that in depth is Color and Light by james Gurney, a must have!!

    hope it helps!

    P.s: anyway you have done a great job on your sketch.

  6. Thanks guys! I just got my own graphics tablet arrived through the post, so hopefully soon enough I'll be able to practice more and make some better sketches (:
    This is why I got my light to come from the top left, because I imagined it reflecting from the water, but now thinking about it, it should really come from above the character... Besides that it needs some colour in it as well...
    I'll deffinetly look into that book, thanks Ruben!