Thursday, 6 October 2011

More photoshop (:

This is my second attempt at working with the graphics tablet. Was very happy with some of the shading in this picture, however as you can see there's still alot left to do here. I'm thinking to do bit more head designs (explore how my creature would look like with an open jaw, etc...), and try to add some more features resembling me in particular in them, considerinf the animal has been spliced with me it might of kept some of my characteristics or habits. I was thinking, when it comes to colouring my character in, to give it red hair to make it look more like me, as that's the colour I kept throughout the summer. I will either leave the eyes completely white, or use as I did in some of my previous drawings, give the character some glasses, just like they do in a lot of anime shows when the producers create a blind character, give it glasses to resemble it more.


  1. I'm just going to warn you off from simply adding 'Alicja accessories' as a way to make this resemble you - again, try and use studies of your own face as a way of understanding what makes your face yours, and then push the understanding through this portrait. You might also want to explore other more 'whole body' variations; for example, your limbs might be smaller, half-formed, you might post yourself horizontally. A number of your classmates have really gone to town imagining mutations, and it would be good to see you getting into some serious silhouette work and doing the same.

  2. The thing is Im not very good at making proper silhouettes =S. Always end up getting too carried away and adding too much detail to it. I cant really imagine the mutation with no detail =S xx

  3. hi alicja, yes again me bothering around, Phil is giving you some great ideas. I think what you need to do for starters is to explore the shape of the character without worrying about the detail, if the shape and form of your character is right and credible of the mutation, the detail will just help us to believe a little more.
    my suggestion is to get on photoshop, with black brush and explore a few silhouettes, although difficult at first they are crucial to loose you on your designs. I give for example me, even before how the character will look like, I explore a few black silhouettes of possibilities presented to me. it will only help you improve your design at a further stage.
    if you phil that you cant create silhouettes in photoshop, because you cannot stop controlling your drawing (it happens) get a software such as Al.chemy, it allows you create random shapes lines, for the silhouettes, and loosen your designs.

    at the moment, although you have great exploration of the eel body, to me it just seems that it is your body with a eel head, and what it really needs is a mutation betwen tthe two. e.g maybe just like phil suggest eels dont have limbs but you do so maybe creat a mall formation of them, eels have big mouths so can be something predominant, maybe is a slimy half fish half human "alicja".
    Just explore it in endless ways, and enjoy doing it.