Monday, 3 October 2011

Inspiration Videos

Was just looking up some videos, I know they dont really link to this project, but they're awesome!


  1. This sort of stuff should be posted on the group blog, if it relates.However, they shouldn't be taking up a blog post here.

    That might come off sounding really dicky through text, it's not meant to sound that way, just making sure your blog stays on topic.

  2. hi alicja,

    Very interesting videos on here and definitely, for anyone who is into CG graphics for live events, etc... although Josh mentioned that they are out of topic i dont see the reason why you shouldnt post them on here, in the end of the day is your blog. One thing that all first years included me get confused about the blog, is that although your posting uni projects, it also serves for your own interest, e.g side projects, commissions, any other interesting topics. these posts actually allow even your tutors to understand what you may want to focus on the 3 years on your course. so in my own opinion, keep them coming...

    one thing, i have to ask though if you feel relevant that they are, break the ice and begin to share them, just so all the community can see it :)

  3. I am also very familiar with NuFormer work(1st video), because i did some work experience for Picasso Pictures last year, and they are the production company that work with them. great work!!!

  4. Yeah this is the kind of stuff that I want to get into doing professionally. The main reason why I chose to do this course to undstand more about the software so I could create my own portfolio of visuals to do at different events etc...
    Like the visual DJing you get at clubs, festivals etc...
    Even got some contacts of people that done them at few festivals that I've worked at.

    But yeah thank you glad you liked the videos (:
    Cant believe you did work experience with them, lucky man!

  5. OGR 03/10/11

    Alicja - so, what do I make of that fact that there is no interim review organised as requested - even though you stood directly in front of me after The Elephant Man, as I explained, at length, what the point of it all was. So, this is what you're going to do. You're going to put together a Scribd document as requested, in which you bring together your ideas, including your written assignment introduction. When you've done it, put an '@phil' in the post title and I'll take a look.

    There is one more thing. While it's great that you're so focused on an end point - i.e. creating visuals for festivals - my fear is that it's going to make you less receptive to other creative opportunities offered you here. It sort of reminds me of the students who want to do cg arts because they like playing computer games, which is a million miles away from designing for them. Enjoying the festival scene is clearly not the same as having the skillset necessary to freelance as an animator making visuals for festivals.

    About posting 'non-brief' content on your blog, Ruben is right - it's your blog, but there are ways to distinguish between course-stuff and non-course stuff - use labeling etc. What we don't need is posts about what students had for breakfast, how wasted they got or worse, great long posts about how ill they've been, or how guilty they're feeling about not doing any work. You'd be amazed what students have wittered on about in the past - yawn.

  6. Sorry Phil D:! Do I need Adobe to create the PDF file on the first place?? Because if I do, then I need to wait till the end of the week before my laptop arrives through the post, as all my software got wiped out from this one so my stepdad has built me another one for replacement, which is going to be sent to me tomorrow (:

  7. great videos, really nice work on these buildings!