Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Adding my features to the splice

After having some practice with drawing my own face features i decided to do some experimental drawings to see if I could create a gulper eel that looks more like Alicia, but still keeps the key features of the creature.
By using the power if a layout pad Ive been able to create a drawing that sits between a human and an eel. As in the drawing above my hybrid already has bigger cheeks and similar eyes.

The 2 above sketches, are very similar to the last drawings i made (Eels head with my own body), the difference is that this time its not only JUST the eels head. But eel's head with more Alicia features. I especially like the top image as the posture flows together nicely. However, I noticed it looks a lot like something taken out of avatar... the bottom picture however looks too human...
As you can see I have also considered giving myself fish- like skin to add to the hybrid effect.

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