Wednesday, 5 October 2011

anatomy sketches

Because I've been having some issues with drawing hands, I decided to research some hand anatomy. I've had a look how the bones are structured which helped me with creating my own interpretation with how its built on the inside (on the top left drawing on the Figure above). This lets me create a stick drawing of the proportions, then afterwards I can draw the outline and worry about shading.
Because I'm getting spliced with a fish, I thought that it could be a good idea to give my character webbed hands (Figure below)
Gulper eel's special feature is the large 'pelican- like' jaw, what I did is drew and example of how eel's and human's skulls are built then tried to combine both of them to have a better picture of how my spliced outcome is going to look like.
Sketch 1 is the skull of a different kind of eel (which also has the ability to stretch its jaw), because the gulper eel is a deep sea creature, and there still haven't been a lot of research about it, I've had to depend on the structure of animals from the same family. Thats why sketch 2 shows my guess estimate of how the skull of a pelican eel COULD look like. 
Sketch 3, however shows a quick sketch of a human skull, and finally the last drawing is the skull of my spliced animal.

This is my initial idea sketch for the creatures head and neck. As you can see I used the skull from my previous drawing and splices human and eel spine. The bone structure when it comes to the spine is quite similar, because the eel has a similar structure to a snake (very long body, the stomach can stretch to consume larger prey), thats why I thought that I was ever spliced with any snake- like creature my neck would stretch out quite far. After creating this sketch I realised that the structure of it resembles some drawings of harpies.
Also because my animal is a deep sea creature, I've done some initial sketches for what kind of eyes my creature could have. I've looked up how fish eyes look like, however I came across an idea to make my monster blind, because used to living in complete darkness you don't really need good eye sight to survive (again a resemblance of a snake, which catches its prey and moves using mostly the sense of smell).

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  1. lots of good solid exploratory drawing going on here, Alicja - getting down to basics, which can only help your final portrait feel credible - however unlikely.