Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Self Portraits (Face Study)

I did a couple of self portraits by looking at some photographs on facebook. By doing this I found it easier to then transform my own head into an eel, this way it'll have more of my actual features. I noticed from the photographs that I have quite large cheeks, so it would make sense if my hybrid also has the same feature.
These are the original photographs that I made he drawings from:

I tried to mainly concentrate on the basic face features, and not pay much attention to detail so then its easier to see how the splice effect will end up like.


  1. Okay, Alicja - how about a few portraits not from photos but from a mirror? It's a different experience drawing form as opposed to the surface of an image - both can be useful, but actual observation is probably more useful for you for the purposes of this unit. Give it a go!

  2. DAMN! Now Im thinking *should of said these WERE from the mirror*! Joking, Ill give it a go (: x