Thursday, 6 October 2011

More doodles (:

This is a drawing I created by using a layout pad, as you seen on the previous post, I've made a sketch of the spine and skull of my creature, looking from a side view. I traced the bone structure and then created the initial idea for the head and neck of my hybrid. The hair is supposed to have a sea weed- like texture, as this is a sea creature, it will be much easier to show what I want to represent using photoshop, so next up, photoshop paintings!
Creating the profile view was a bit more tricky. To make the work easier, first I drew a skull starting from simple circle (the first drawing), do understand more how a human skull is built on the inside. From that I copied it into a less detailed drawing, which then I transformed into a hybrid skull. After doing that I repeated exactly the same technique to create the actual view of my creature.
After figuring out how head is going to look like, time to move on to experiment with the rest of the body. My hybrid as you can see, looks more like a more creepy version of a mermaid. After my splice I've managed to keep the eel's tail, and just like a mermaid a human upper body. However, as you can see I decided to use the head I created after my previous drawings. The spots represent the glowy organs on my animal's body.
Last but not least, in this drawing I experimented with an idea for a different bottom part. here I decided to use a more feminine structure to the body. I like how the skirt gives the character a flawy kind of look, however I don't think I will expand on that idea very much, as I can't really see how I could attach the tail to this figure (which I think is one of the key features of my animal), I do like this figure more than the previous one though, its less dark and more feminine. I realised that the animal head reminds me of the Egyptian gods (very likely like anubis). I think it will be worth maybe expanding on that idea more. 

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