Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Creepy Mermaid??

 This was the first initial 2D sketch. I tried to create something more original and different from my last design. As you can see I've kept the idea of a very enlarged neck and slim, eel shaped body. I also kept the idea of the half human/ half eel face. However I tried making it to look more like a half human, because it would be quite a comical picture to see a fish with legs... Considering a gulper eel is a deep sea creature I would imagine this sort of hybrid to have a creepy look, and if somehow the splice DID happen, and I'd end up with no legs but just a pair of arms, I'd end up having a very strong upper body if I had to drag and balance my whole body weight on my arms.

Here is some more initial sketches. I especially like the top one, where it looks as the eel is crawling out from behind a rock.  I need to look in more in how the upper body works and the muscles that attach the arms to your back. I noticed the way my hybrid moves resembles the ghosts from 'The Grudge'. which makes me think my hybrid would end up having quite a creepy look.



  1. Ahaa! Interesting approach you got there :)It would be interesting to get the same pose as the one in the Grudge. It's almost like the transformation is painfull, so much that it makes it difficult to walk. Try to get some interesting angles like the first image of the Grudge. :)

  2. Agreed - I like this approach much more - greater potential in terms of pose and atmosphere - go for it with gusto, Alicja! :)

  3. thats what I decided to do (:, been doing my final photoshop painting over the weekend (: x