Monday, 3 October 2011

More Eels...

To understand my animal more and figure out how my character is going to look, behave or what kind of enviroment it lives in, I did some research not only about the gulper eel, because there isnt much stuff on the web about it, but research what kind of skin, bone structure etc normal eel has. I was thinking to give my character skin that would resemble a fish (just like in Cronenberg's film 'The Fly' during Seth's transformation he starts to gain not only the characteristics of a fly  but also starts loosing body parts and his skin texture changes into a one of an insect). For example on the image above you can see the skin has very interesting grooves (Figure 1).
As you can see the electric eel is not that far off from the gulper eel with which I got spliced with. The only difference in them on the outside is the fact a pelican eel has a very weak yet large jaw that resembles a pelican (Figure 2)
The moray eel (Figure 3), was the closest skeleton to a gulper eel that I managed to get. Just like its brother it has a jaw that could open up very widely. By looking at this skeleton I can somehow imagine how would a gulper eel look like on the inside. Im thinking to give my character the abilities to unhinge their jaw so they could resemble a gulper eel??? 


  1. Very nice Alicja! :) Looking your animal's bone structure inside out is the right way to go. Imagine if a human could stretch his mouth out like the eel does. What would he look like?

  2. @Andriana

    He'd probably look like me on Friday night with a large Doner Kebab.

    As for the research itself, I'm really liking the depth that you're going into for your transformation. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use those jaw movements, especially the insides.

  3. Aghhhh still got so much work to do!!! I want to give my creature a "slimey" kind of feel, I've still been doing some anatomy drawings. I think to give it a 'snake- like' look (like when snakes consume their prey and their stomach stretches to devour it). Been thinking that eel structure resembles snake a lot...
    I'll post the anatomy drawings soon enough (yes I know I've been kind of slacking =S....)